What is Yurt Beats?

Yurt Beats is a music project to explore and share the big, beautiful, weird world of sound that draws influences electronic and traditional music from around the world. The goal is promote interest and understanding of cultures around the planet through mixtapes, curated playlists, original songs, and remixes.

Yurt Beats is run by Mark G. Celsor. Mark has been an amateur DJ, electronic music producer, and music collector since the early 1990s. Living in Cincinnati and the San Francisco Bay Area, he has crossed the United States many times and visited Thailand, India, Mexico, U.K., Spain, France, Germany, and Canada, always interested in local and unique music. He and his wife live in Cincinnati and hosted the Little Planet Supper Club, a series of a dozen monthly events at venues throughout the city at each showcasing the food and music of different parts of the world. Mark also helped organize Covington’s World Music Fest and other events.

Mark is always looking for opportunities to hear new music and share it DJing at events. Reach out and say howdy! mark@celsor.com