Yurt Beats Radio 11/27/2019

An “energy level 5”, sort of chill, mix floating around 118 BPM, lots of global sounds and beats. Enjoy!

South America – Digital Folklore Mix #1

This mix is the first in the Digital Folklore series exploring the collision of traditional and electronic music from around the world. It focuses largely on sounds from South America.

World Music Fest – After Party Mix

This is a three hour mix I put together for the World Music Fest after party. It starts with some electro cumbia but goes all over the place with a wide variety of modern, electronic influenced international music.

Angolan Kudro – Mixtape

Kuduro is a type of high energy, electronic dance music that originated in Angola in the 1980s and has recently been popularized internationally by artisits like M.I.A and Buraka Som Sistema. This is continuous d.j. mix I made of about 20 tracks. Enjoy!