Yurt Beats Radio 11/27/2019

An “energy level 5”, sort of chill, mix floating around 118 BPM, lots of global sounds and beats. Enjoy!

Elephant Groove – Original Song (2019)

This song is the soundtrack an elephant walking through the forest, getting a little agitated and then calming back down. It uses some spacey synths, tabla samples, and a big elephant bass line.

South America – Digital Folklore Mix #1

This mix is the first in the Digital Folklore series exploring the collision of traditional and electronic music from around the world. It focuses largely on sounds from South America.

Cuckoo Carnival – Original Song (2019)

An off-kilter, sample-heavy track full of birds, bass, percussion, haunting abstract vocals, and flutes that takes a departure toward the end for an totally different mood.

Wayah Wayah – Original Song (2016)

This track uses a bunch of South Asian and hiphop drums and flutes with a robot voice coming along for the ride. “Wayah Wayah” doesn’t actually mean anything, except maybe in robot language.

World Music Fest – After Party Mix

This is a three hour mix I put together for the World Music Fest after party. It starts with some electro cumbia but goes all over the place with a wide variety of modern, electronic influenced international music.

BBQ Around the World – Spotify Playlist

This is the playlist I made for Little Planet Supper Club #8 – BBQ Around the World at Braxton Brewing in Covington, Kentucky on June 9th, 2016. The menu included great food from Korea, Cuba, Morocco, and the American south. The playlist includes lively BBQ music all those places and more.

Angolan Kudro – Mixtape

Kuduro is a type of high energy, electronic dance music that originated in Angola in the 1980s and has recently been popularized internationally by artisits like M.I.A and Buraka Som Sistema. This is continuous d.j. mix I made of about 20 tracks. Enjoy!

Albanian Club Music – Mixtape

This is a continuous DJ mix I made of contemporary Albanian night club music. The majority of the artists are from Super Sonic, one of the first record labels started in post-Communist Albania. I tried to pick the most over-the-top songs I could find.

Afghani Pop and Film Music – Mixtape

This is a continuous d.j. mix I made of music that is (or was) popular in Afghanistan. The focus is on upbeat film music from the last few decades and includes music from neighboring Pakistan.